The Smart Buildings Institute

Overview of High Performing Buildings

A smartly designed building enhances the performance of the building and ease of operation over its life-cycle. The primary goal for a higher performing building is to minimize the long-term costs of facility ownership to owners, occupants and the environment.   In a higher performing building all components of the building are integrated in order to work together.  This improves operational performance, increases occupant comfort and satisfaction and provides the owner with systems, technologies and tools to manage and minimize energy consumption.  

Smart Building Certified represents that a building:

1.    Provides actionable information regarding the performance of building systems and facilities

2.    Proactively monitors and detects errors or deficiencies in building systems

3.    Integrates systems to an enterprise business level for real-time reporting and management utilization of operations, energy and occupant comfort

4.    Incorporates the tools, technologies, resources and practices to contribute to energy conservation and environmental sustainability

To request a certification application, email your request.

Education Survey

In an effort to meet the needs of the industry, the Smart Buildings Institute is conducting a survey on training, education and certification.  Your input will assist SBI in developing curriculum that will meet the needs of developers, designers, contractors and operators.  You can click on this 
link to access the seven (7) question survey.